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Winter School

If you want to know more about our Winter School, who better to ask than the people who have recently finished it? The alumni on this page are available to provide you with their honest, first-hand feedback!

Tamar Todria – tata(at)todria@yahoo.com
Year of graduation: 2021
“As a PhD student of European studies, participating in the Jean Monnet Winter School on EU Policy Making 2021 was an outstanding experience for me. During the Winter School theory and practice were fantastically merged. Despite being held online, the programme was very intensive, fruitful and beneficial. It was a tremendous opportunity for me and my fellow students to have such direct interaction with leading experts from the EU.”

Martin Absenger – Mabsenger(at)outlook.com
Year of graduation: 2021

Eugenia Curione –  eugeniac.92(at)live.it
Year of graduation: 2021

Sophia Maria Winkler – sophiamarie.winkler(at)stud.unibas.ch
Year of graduation: 2021

Christalena Kouloundi – ch.koulss(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2021

Summer School

If you want to know more about our long-standing Summer School, who better to ask than the people who have recently finished it? The alumni on this page are available to provide you with their honest, first-hand feedback!

Bogdan Popescu – mbp1587(at)icloud.com
Year of graduation: 2020
“The 2020 summer school organized by the Institute of European Studies was an outstanding learning experience. It helped me to better understand the decision making process within the EU and the future challenges the EU has to tackle. Despite being an online experience this year, due to the staff’s dedication, professionalism and the way the lectures were organized, the summer school felt like an on site event. I am more than grateful for this opportunity to learn about the EU in a multicultural environment.”

Charlotte Vanstallen – lotte_vanstallen(at)hotmail.com
Year of graduation: 2020
“I have participated in the Summer School on EU Policy making 2020. Despite the fact the course had to be held online for the first time, due to the COVID context, the organizators managed to keep it interesting, challenging and interactive! We did workshops, brainstorming, case studies and a simulation game which enabled us to put the theory in practice with direct feedback from experts in the field. I would highly recommend the short but intensive programme for anyone with a political, societal or general European interest (so anyone actually)!”

Lourenço Teixeira – lourencopteixeira98(at)gmail.com
Year of graduation: 2020
“The Summer School was a unique experience, essential to improve my knowledge of European institutions. The multiplicity of backgrounds was essential to understand the different realities of each Member-State, but also to understand what unites us as Europeans. I strongly recommend this experience to everyone interested in knowing how the European Union works.”

Øyvind Anders Arntzen Toftegaard (Norway) – oyvintof(at)stud.ntnu.no
Year of graduation: 2020
“I participated in the IES summer school the first month of my PhD studies on cybersecurity and policy making and it was a great kick-off. The summer school provided broad knowledge about decision making in the EU at a level I could understand despite not having extensive background in political science or law.“

Enrico Ubiali (Italy) – e.ubiali(at)campus.unimib.it
Year of graduation: 2019
As a PhD student in Analysis of Social and Economic Processes, I found this Summer School extremely interesting for my current and future research. A high level of competence in theoretical knowledge and great involvement in practical activities in EU policy-making is the perfect blend we benefitted from. An impeccable organizational structure and a proactive class context enriched this experience of great memories both in Brussels and in Vienna.”

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